SCI’s Medical Grade Micro Vinyl Catheter Tubing is a Non-DEHP Vinyl that is manufactured to FDA-GRAS specifications for safe use with plasma, blood, intravenous, intracerebral, and implantation solutions in laboratory animals. Not intended for human implantation. This tubing meets USP Class VI requirements. The special 85 Shore A durometer un-sterilized tubing is designed for laboratory use. This tubing is non-dehp, non-toxic, and non-pyrogenic.  It is less likely to kink like softer durometer tubing does. The dense bore of the tubing is less likely to harbor bacteria and allow sediment build-up. Will handle operating temperatures of -31°F (-25°C) to +185°F (85°C) it is low-level gamma, electron beam and ETO sterilizable. The tolerance on V/05 is ± .0015″ on the ID & OD.  The tolerance on V/1 to V/9 is ± .003 on the ID & OD. The tolerance on V/10 to V/12 is ± .005″ on the ID & OD. Manufactured in the United States.

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This tubing is Manufactured in the United States and is in compliance with all U.S. food and drug agency regulations Title 21 CFR and USP Class VI. The temperature range for this tubing is -30°F to +150°F. It will handle 100 PSI @75°F and 15 PSI @150°F. The tubing is clear with a slight blue tint, which fades upon Gamma sterilization. It can also be sterilized by ETO Gas. This tubing has passed USP VI test and complies with FDA regulations. Not for human implantation.

NOTE: The product table below scrolls so make sure to scroll down for additional tubing sizes


This clear 70 Shore “A” durometer PVC tubing meets FDA for food and beverage and NSF-51 (for food) and USDA for meat and poultry and 3-A for dairy. It can be steam autoclaved or gas (ETO) and chemically sterilized. It is non-toxic and is produced with a non-absorbing resin that resists bacteria growth. It has excellent flow characteristics and will not impart taste. The tubing withstands temperatures from 10° F to +175° F. Manufactured in the United States.

SCI Cat. # Dimensions
ID” x OD”
IDmm x ODmm
Price Per
100 Feet
BB315-A 0.063" x 0.125" 1.57mm x 3.17mm $46.00


BB315-B 0.094" x 0.156" 2.38mm x 3.97mm $51.00


BB315-C 0.125" x 0.188" 3.18mm x 4.76mm $56.00


BB315-D 0.188" x 0.313" 4.76mm x 7.94mm $72.00


BB315-E 0.250" x 0.375" 6.35mm x 9.53mm $82.00


BB315-F 0.313" x 0.438" 7.94mm x 11.11mm $103.00


BB315-G 0.375" x 0.500" 9.53mm x 12.70mm $110.00