FEP tubing with a Shore “D” hardness of 55 is slightly softer than PFA tubing and is more transparent than both PTFE and PFA tubing.  It is UV, chemical and abrasion resistant and has very good electrical insulating properties.  It’s temperature range is of -400°F to 400°F.  It meets FDA regulations for food and beverage.  It has the same physical properties as PFA.  Manufactured in the United States.

SCI Cat. # Dimensions
ID” x OD”
IDmm x ODmm
Price Per
50 Feet
BB309-32 0.032" x 0.063" .795mm x 1.60mm $48.00


BB309-63 0.063" x 0.125" 1.60mm x 3.17mm $52.00


BB309-94 0.094" x 0.156" 2.39mm x 3.96mm $82.00


BB309-125 0.125" x 0.188" 3.17mm x 4.78mm $92.00


BB309-188 0.188" x 0.250" 4.78mm x 6.35mm $120.00


BB309-250 0.250" x 0.313" 6.35mm x 7.95mm $145.00