Scientific Commodities offers these chemically inert outstanding high quality Type 1 Class “A” borosilicate glass culture tubes. They will reduce PH changes and contamination that are associated with soda lime glass tubes. These tubes also conform to USP Class VI and ASTM standard E890.

They have a melting temperature of 1460° C, and a softening temperature of 1220° and a freezing point of -50° C. They are ideal for use in tissue cultures and blood bank collection. They are neatly packaged in heavy duty boxes of 250 and are shrink wrapped to keep them particle free. The boxes are compact and designed to fit into most test tube dispensers.

SCI Cat. # Tube Size (mm) Volume Case Quantity Case Price
BB1503 10mm x 75mm 3 ML 1,000 Tubes 38.5


BB1505 12mm x 75mm 5 ML 1,000 Tubes 43.5


BB1510 13mm x 100mm 7 ML 1,000 Tubes 58


BB1512 16mm x 100mm 10 ML 1,000 Tubes 93


BB1515 16mm x 125mm 12 ML 1,000 Tubes 109


BB1517 16mm x 150mm 15 ML 1,000 Tubes 115



These 15 ml polypropylene test tubes have a polyethylene leak-proof screw top closure.  They can be used in a centrifuge up to 4,000 x g.  We can also provide these sterilized upon request; please call customer service @ 800-331-7724 for pricing.

SCI Cat. # Cap Color Height Diameter Case Quantity Price
299334-000W White 100 mm 16 mm 100 Tubes 22.5


299334-000B Blue 100 mm 16 mm 100 Tubes 22.5


299334-000R Red 100 mm 16 mm 100 Tubes 22.5


299334-000Y Yellow 100 mm 16 mm 100 Tubes 22.5