Teflon® sheets are slippery shiny white materials. The characteristic features of Teflon® sheets determine its uses. For instance, they are used in situations where low friction for sliding objects are required. Nevertheless, the following are some of the applications of Teflon® sheets:


Teflon sheets are a multi-functional material mainly used in sublimation and/or heat press industry. Its non-sticky feature makes it important in this industry. Its function is used to prevent ink from staining the platen parts of the heat press machine, thus eliminating the chances of scorching the product and keeps the heat transfers from sticking to the platen. Moreover, Teflon® sheet is used to prevent ghosting effect during sublimation process created when the paper slides across the shirt when the platen is being lifted. It can also be used as a weight to keep the transfer paper in its place to ensure good results. In addition, it can be used with household equipment like hand iron. Teflon® sheets are reusable and can last up to a maximum of 200 presses, hence Teflon® sheets can last for long time.


It is used in beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Teflon® sheets have been approved by Food and Drug organization for use in this industry. This is because the thin film sheets are inert and non-toxic, hence when used to cover food, it cannot react. In addition, it withstands high temperatures. Therefore, Teflon® sheet has the ability to conserve the warmth and maintain the temperature of the covered food for a long time.


Teflon® sheets are excellent electrical resistant, making it suitable for applications in the electrical industry. They are used to provide electrical insulation where it can insulate up to 500 volts per mil.  It is frequently used to wrap electrical wires and cable.  Moreover, it is used to separate conductive plates in capacitors.


Teflon® sheets are used in petrochemical and chemical industries. It is used to make vessel linings, gaskets, rings, pump interiors, dip tubes, washers, seals, spacers, chemical tanks, etc. This is because Teflon® sheets are chemically inert, melts at high temperatures and resistant to corrosion. This makes them unaffected by caustics or acids, and it can be used in high temperature environment of up to 500 degrees Celsius.


In addition, the inert and chemical resistance nature of Teflon® sheets makes it suitable for laboratory applications. Therefore, it is used to make the lining of special pipes, tubes, glasses, vessels and lab counter tops.