Our PTFE Sheet is manufactured from non-stick virgin PTFE and are used as a top for work benches, industrial gaskets, wear surfaces, drainboards, sinks and shelf liners.  They are non-porous and non-absorbent and therefore will not retain odors.  PTFE has a temperature range of -320° F to +500° F.  These sheets also meet USDA 21CFR 177.1550 and UL-94.  To bond to non-etched PTFE you must spray and wipe off the surface to be bonded with #PP-50 poly-primer surface conditioner.  Use #RBRC-32 rubber cement for semi-permanent and GSI-100 for permanent bonds.  No surface conditioner is required if you use one-side etched PTFE sheets and film.  Manufactured in the United States.

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