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These BEL-ART environmental friendly sampling spoons are produced with PLA (polylactic acid) resin which is 100% plant-based. PLA is produced from sugars from plants like corn. The production process contributes less greenhouse gasses and uses less nonrenewable energy than its petroleum-based counterparts, and the plants used are an annually renewable resource. Disposal options include industrial composting for biodegradability, incineration, recycling and landfill. Use a separate spoon for each material sampled to avoid cross contamination. These items are all made from FDA grade material that is safe for food, drug and cosmetics. All are sold non-sterile.

Earth Friendly Spoons – Long Handled

Capacity: 4.93 ml, 1 tsp.

Dimensions: 7″, 178 mm

Pack of 10 Spoons

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Weight 1 lbs


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