**Please Allow 24-48 Hours For the Hydrophilic Treatment To Be Completed Prior To Shipping

These polyethylene porous staged vent plugs have an average pore of 5 to 10 micron and are used for IV venting.  Hydrophobic vent plugs are used in conjunction with IV lines to release venus pressure in the lines.  They can be pressed into place in a “Y” connector near the skin puncture site.  These can also be pressed into an interference fit to stabilize pressure inside of a container.  They are available in the standard hydrophobic* and also hydrophilic** formulations which are designated with a “L” after the part number.  The tolerance on the diameter is ± .005″.  Manufactured in the United States.

*Hydrophobic = Fear of water, repels water

**Hydrophilic = Filters water