This tilting table improves accuracy. It makes repetitive aliquoting in microplate wells much simpler  by slanting plates to an optimal working angle.  The slanted plate permits the user to track which wells have received aliquots by visibly contrasting the menisci between adjoining wells.

SCI Cat. # Dimensions Price
F18938-0000 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ High $112.00 Add to Cart




These polypropylene deep well stackable plates are compatible with standard robotic work stations such as Zymark, Tecan, Hamilton, Rosys and Beckman.  To side load a Beckman Biomek System use side loader collars.  The set up of these plates makes them ideal for use with 8 and 12 channel pipetting.  The 2ml deep well permits serial dilution protocols unlike with standard microtiter plates.  Each plate cover independently closes each well with a sealing ring, preventing cross contamination.  They are steam autoclavable at 121° C.  Dimensions are 5″ x 3 3/8″ x 1 5/8″ high.

SCI Cat. # Description Quantity Price
F37860-0000 Non-Sterile 96 Well (Individually Packed) 24 $213.00 Add to Cart
F37860-0001 Sterile 96 Well (Individually Packed) 24 $255.00 Add to Cart
F37860-0004 Keyed Covers 24 $67.20 Add to Cart
F37860-0005 Side Loader Collar 24 $90.00 Add to Cart


POLYSTYRENE MICROTITRATION PLATESThese Multi-task alpha numerically identified, 96 well, polystyrene microtitration plates make microscopic sample location much simpler.  Cross contamination is minimized by each well having a rim around it that seals to a condensation ring on the cover.  Deep lids reduce the common problem of evaporation.  These plates all have a length of 127 mm and are 86 mm wide.  The plates are sold in case quantities of 50 and the covers in case quantities of 150. Covers sold separately.
SCI Cat. # Well Shape Sterility Well Volume (ul) Color Case Quantity Case Price
539224-1 U-WELL NOT 300 ul
CLEAR 50 $68.00
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539224-2 U-WELL STERILE/IR 300 ul
CLEAR 50 $80.00
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539224-3 V-WELL NOT 250 ul
CLEAR 50 $67.00
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539224-5 FLAT NOT 375 ul CLEAR 50 $73.00
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539224-6 FLAT STERILE/IR 375 ul
CLEAR 50 $79.00
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CLEAR 150 $120.00
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539224-8 COVER NOT N/A CLEAR 150 $142.00
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