These holders are made from clear acrylic or high density polyethylene.  They are all 12 inches in height and a depth of 8 inches and have non-skid feet.  The black HDPE holder is chemically resistant and is UV stabilized.  They are perfect for use in DNA workstations and other areas where UV anti-germicidal lamps are used.

SCI Cat. # Holds Material Width Price
186614 4 Place Acrylic 8 Inches $49.00


186624 6 Place Acrylic 12 Inches $53.00


186634 4 Place HDPE 8 Inches $44.00


186644 6 Place HDPE 12 Inches $49.00


186674 3 Place Acrylic 6 Inches $49.00


186694 6 Place Black HDPE 12 Inches $66.00



Made from clear acrylic that is 9″ high by 6″ deep by 5-1/2″ wide with a 1-1/4″ hole size.

SCI Cat. # Description Price
186655 Filler Holder (left side image) $72.00


186684 Multi Channel Stand (right side image) $49.00



This acrylic pipette workstation stand holds 6 pipettors and an ample supply of pipette tips.  A self-closing transparent lid provides a dust free storage for the easy identification of tips.  The holw diameter is 17/32″.  The two bin sizes for the tip storage are 5″ high by 8″ wide and 3″ deep.


Manufactured from white and clear acrylic with a large hinged top cover for easy filling and removal of pipette tips or any other small laboratory items that you want to keep dust free.

SCI Cat. # Holds / Dispenses Length Width Height Price
106245 Pasteur Pipettes 6″ 6-1/2″ 14″ $93.00


106255 Pasteur Pipettes 6″ 6-1/2″ 7″ $72.00


106265 12mm x 75mm Tubes 8″ 3-1/2″ 12″ $95.00


106275 16mm x 100mm Tubes 8-1/2″ 5-1/2″ 16″ $88.00



Gamma (g) rays are produced when an unstable isotope enters into nuclear decay. This form of electromagnetic radiation is attenuated by lead. The gamma rays intensity decrease exponentially as the thickness of the lead increases. These disposal boxes are made with 3mm lead for all of your (g) protection items. The enclosed boxes are perfect for short term storage of isotopes and contaminated labware. They are lined with polyethylene and the exterior is made of a black acrylic. Item#172724 is a clear acrylic bin used for beta emitters. All bins and have non-skid feet.

SCI Cat. # Description Dimensions Price
172814-0001 Black Lead Lined Gamma Pipette Tip Disposal Bin 6″ Square x 10″ High $390.00


172814-0002 Black Lead Lined Gamma Pipette Disposal Bin 6″ Square x 16″ High $430.00


172814-0003 Polyethylene Liner Desktop Gamma Disposal Bin 6″ Square x 6″ High $325.00


172724 Clear Acrylic Bin For Beta Emitters 6″ Square x 16″ High $170.00



This clear acrylic rack permits easy access to and storage for your pipettes. Shelves are slanted to allow secure storage


This Pipette Support Stand is molded of white polypropylene and a grey pvc stand shaft. It has 12 holes drilled to a 16mm diameter and 32 holes of 11mm.

SCI Cat. # Description Dimensions Price
511215 Pipette Stand 13.5 Diameter $27.00



Made from polypropylene that has a top rack that is adjustable for the height of the pipettes you are storing.  This 230mm base will handle 44 pipettes, up to 15mm diameter.  The center rod is 400mm high x 12mm and allows the top rack to easily spin for easy pipette selection

SCI Cat. # Description Price
511245 Rotary PP Pipette Stand $58.00



This high density polyethylene horizontal pipette rack holds 12 straight of bulb pipettes over 200mm long. Three easy to push together pieces.

SCI Cat. # Description Price
511235 Horizontal Pipette Rack $19.00