These durable polypropylene petri dish racks hold (42) 100mm petri dishes with lids.  These racks are also stackable to 4 racks high.  They are autoclavable and ideal for small batch incubation.  Access slots below trays allow for easy dish removal.  These racks can be steam autoclaved at 121° C (250° F).  These racks are shipped flat and are very easy to assemble.  When assembled the dimensions are 13″ x 8 1/4″ x 7″.

SCI Cat. # Description Quantity Price
F18991-0000 White Polypropylene 42 Petri Dish Rack 1 Rack $69.85



This polycarbonate petri dish rack from Bel-Art has made petri dish storage and transport easy and safe. This rack is available in two styles. A 14″ rack that holds 84 – 100mm dishes and a 9″ rack that holds 48 – 100mm dishes.  The rack itself is autoclavable and chemical resistant. Silicone edges on the four channels hold upper dishes in place when lower dishes are removed, and a center channel for flow of CO2 through rack. Easy clean white styrene turntable stands are sold separately. Petri dishes are not included.

SCI Cat. # Size Color Holds # of Dishes Price
F18982-0009 9 Inch Natural 48 – 100mm 190


F18982-0109 9 Inch Red 48 – 100mm 190


F18982-0209 9 Inch Yellow 48 – 100mm 190


F18982-0309 9 Inch Blue 48 – 100mm 190


F18982-0014 14 Inch Natural 84 – 100mm 204


F18982-0314 14 Inch Blue 84 – 100mm 204


F18982-0409 9 Inch All Color Combo-Pack 4 Racks of 48 700


F18982-1000 White TURNTABLE 62



These racks are fabricated from clear acrylic that allows full visibility from all sides.  The posts are made of break resistant poly carbonate.  The cover slides down on top of the dish stack to keep the dishes safe during transport.

SCI Cat. # Description Price
103164-0000 Holds 28 Dishes of 60-65 mm $69.00


103164-0001 Holds 28 Dishes of 100 mm $68.40



For microtiter plates, view color changes and locate cells for further analysis.  For petri dishes, view growth and take advantage of the hands-free design.  Ideal for evaluating monolayer cell growth.  The Scienceware® Plate Reader has a clear deck for resting plates and a large, clear, adjustable mirror for viewing their underside.  This tool allows safe examination of the bottom of the plates without risking spills on the face and eyes.  It is ideal for hemagglutination, hemagglutination inhibition, hemolysis and agglutination testing.  Mirror magnification is 3x actual plate size.

SCI Cat. # Dimensions Quantity Price
F37861 Mirrored Plate Reader 1 199



These incubator trays are made of polypropylene and will increase your bench top workspace and storage area.  They are designed to hold five 100mm and fifteen 60mm plates per tray.  The design will assure flow ability of CO2 through the stacked racks.

SCI Cat. # Dimensions Quantity Price
F18983-1000 9=7/8″ x 9-5/16″ x 1-3/8″ High Bags of 3 $74.30



These paper petri dish filters can be used for extraction of crystalline materials or as a support medium for seed germination.  Before metabolic labeling, the disk can be placed in the top side of the 100 mm petri dish lid.  After the addition of the S-35 labeled amino acids to the cell culture fluid, the petri dish is covered with the lid-containing the activated charcoal disk.  The volatile radioactive compounds generated during the metabolic labeling are absorbed into the charcoal disks. Dispose in your regular beta waste. Use of the charcoal cartridges lessens the chance of breathing any volatiles and also reduces any contamination in the incubator. All of this media is designed to fit in a 100mm petri dish.

SCI Cat. # Description Quantity Price
BB7357 70 mm Paper Disks 100 Filters 10.45


BB7358 100 mm Sterile Charcoal Disks Bag of 50 282


BB7359 Non-Sterile Charcoal Cartridges Pack of 3 54



The plates come with a thick base which provides stability.  They are chemical resistant and will withstand temperatures up to 120°C.  They may also be used as beaker covers.

SCI Cat. # Diameter Pack Quantity Price
255235 60 mm 50 Plates 116


255245 80 mm 50 Plates 147


255255 100 mm 50 Plates 188


255265 125 mm 50 Plates 226