ERLENMEYER POLYPROPYLENE FLASKSThese economical Polypropylene molded flasks are autoclavable with graduations that are molded into the flasks. They are chemical resistant.
CI Cat. # Capacity Cap Size (mm) Case Quantity Price
241305 50 ml 14/23 12 $75.25 Add to Cart
241325 100 ml 14/23 12 $82.20 Add to Cart
241345 250 ml 19/26 6 $53.55 Add to Cart
241365 500 ml 24/29 4 $51.10 Add to Cart
241385 1000 ml 29/32 2 $35.90 Add to Cart


ERLENMEYER GRADUATED POLYPROPYLENE FLASKSHeavy walled, autoclavable Polypropylene flasks with tooled necks. Supplied complete with Polypro-Stoppers. Temperature characteristics and approximate graduations are clearly marked on each flask.
SCI Cat.# Capacity (ml) Cap Size (mm) Base O.D. (mm) Height w/o Cap
541905-0250 250 ml 29/32 84 mm 140 mm $33.37
Add to Cart
541905-0500 500 ml 34/35 107 mm 158 mm $37.55
Add to Cart
541905-1000 1000 ml 34/35 130 mm 198 mm $23.20
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These Gamma sterilized polycarbonate flasks are supplied with or without baffles. Virtually unbreakable Lexan® polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of this product. Packaged separately in their own protective bag with two polypropylene closures. One is a standard leak proof closure. The other is a vented closure with PTFE membrane, 0.22 um pore size for sterile air exchange.

The polycarbonate is autoclavable which makes for repeated use of the flasks. They are certified non pyrogenic and Dnase/Rnase free for convenience. Product fits all standard shaking incubator slamps and are ideal for culture, media preparation, storage and any related application.

SCI Cat. # Type Capacity Cap Size Case Quantity Price Per Case  
641934-0125B Baffled 125 ml 38 mm 12 $112.00 Add to Cart
641934-0125F Flat 125 ml 38 mm 12 $112.00 Add to Cart
641934-0250B Baffled 250 ml 38 mm 12 $137.00 Add to Cart
641934-0250F Flat 250 ml 38 mm 12 $137.00 Add to Cart
641934-0500B Baffled 500 ml 38 mm 6 $89.00 Add to Cart
641934-0500F Flat 500 ml 38 mm 6 $89.00 Add to Cart
641934-1000B Baffled 1000 ml 53 mm 6 $155.50 Add to Cart
641934-1000F Flat 1000 ml 53 mm 6 $155.50 Add to Cart


Volumetric PMP Flasks

These crystal clear volumetric flasks create no meniscus so final readings are easy.  they are calibrated gravimetrically at 20° C and the thick walls eliminate distortion.  Thin necks make final measurement precise.  They are autoclavable to 170° C and chemically cleaner than glass and chemically non-absorbant.  N wetting.  Stopper included.  Suitable for foodstuff.

SCI Cat. # Capacity Neck Size Base OD / Height (mm)
Quantity Price
241574-0050 50 ml 14/23 mm 48/143 mm 5 Flasks $97.00 Add to Cart
241574-0100 100 ml 14/23 mm 58/174 mm 5 Flasks $114.00 Add to Cart
241574-0250 250 ml 19/26 mm 82/225 mm 5 Flasks $129.00 Add to Cart
241574-0500 500 ml 19/26 mm 100/265 mm 2 Flasks $57.80 Add to Cart
241574-1000 1000 ml 19/26 mm 120/325 mm 2 Flasks $72.55 Add to Cart




Flasks and caps are made of Perfluoroalkoxy which resists temperatures up to 270°C. The screw closure provides a hermetic seal and safety from outside contamination. They have outstanding chemical resistance and are leak proof.

SCI Cat. # Capacity Height Quantity Price
341524 25 ml 115 mm 1 Flask $224.00 Add to Cart
341534 50 ml 150 mm 1 Flask $229.20 Add to Cart
341544 100 ml 180 mm 1 Flask $339.00 Add to Cart
341554 250 ml 235 mm 1 Flask $382.55 Add to Cart
341564 500 ml 270 mm 1 Flask $445.40 Add to Cart



These polypropylene stoppers are manufactured to DIN standards 12242 ensuring sealing action on nonstandard surfaces and can be used on glass or plastic flasks. Two stoppers per case.

SCI Cat. # Color Neck Size (mm) Base O.D. (mm) Case Quantity Case Price
241415-0001 Brown 14/23 12.2 2 $4.43 Add to Cart
241415-0002 Yellow 19/26 16.4 2 $5.36 Add to Cart
241415-0003 Red 24/29 21.1 2 $7.12 Add to Cart
241415-0004 Black 29/32 25.8 2 $8.10 Add to Cart
241415-0005 White 34/35 30.9 2 $10.72 Add to Cart




These vinyl coated lead sheets wrap snugly around the flask or beaker. The vinyl coating is chemical resistant.

SCI Cat. # Weight I.D. Price Per Lead Weight Sheet  
BB910A 163 Grams 2″ x 7″ $24.00 Add to Cart
BB910B 281 Grams 4″ x 8″ $39.00 Add to Cart
BB910E 2238 Grams 8″ x 24″ $149.00 Add to Cart




With these open ended “C” shaped vinyl coated lead weights you can put weights on to your flasks without disconnecting the tubing. They are rubber coated to protect the glass flask from breakage.

SCI Cat. # Weight I.D. Fits Flask Size Price Per Lead Ring  
BB913A 227 Grams 48mm 125-500ml $28.80 Add to Cart
BB913B 454 Grams 56mm 250-1000ml $32.85 Add to Cart
BB913C 681 Grams 61mm 500-2000ml $36.65 Add to Cart
BB913D 908 Grams 76mm 1000-4000ml $38.95 Add to Cart



Designed to fit over straight necked flasks. These red vinyl coated rings are chemical resistant and give added weight to flasks to protect from spills.

SCI Cat. # Weight I.D. Fits Flask Size Price Per Lead Ring
BB911A 165 Grams 19mm 5-10ml $20.80 Add to Cart
BB911B 227 Grams 43mm 125-500ml $24.85 Add to Cart
BB911C 454 Grams 51mm 250-1000ml $27.65 Add to Cart
BB911D 681 Grams 56mm 500-2000ml $32.95 Add to Cart
BB911E 908 Grams 71mm 1000-4000ml $35.70 Add to Cart


VINYL COATED LEAD WIREThese chemical resistant vinyl coated lead wires come in two diameters. They can be wound around the necks of flasks or bottle necks.
SCI Cat. # Diameter Weight Price Per Lead Wire  
BB900A 1/4 Inch 114 Grams $26.75 Add to Cart
BB900B 5/16 Inch 176 Grams $36.10 Add to Cart


LEAD RING HOLDERA perfect way to organize and store your flask weights. Holds five to eight weights.
SCI Cat. # Description Price Per Stand
BB912 Lead Ring Stand $17.75 Add to Cart



These tow low density Polyethylene coated square weights are filled with sand. Removing sand to lighten or replace sand with heavier substances can adjust the weight.

SCI Cat. # Weight Fits Flask Center Hole Price Per Ring  
F18306-0500 237 Grams 125-250ml 36.8mm $16.95 Add to Cart
F18306-1000 454 Grams 125-500ml 42.9mm $20.75 Add to Cart



Safely allows beakers and flasks to be submerged into a water bath while having access to the beaker opening. Stainless fingers lock onto beakers or flasks to safely hold them in a water bath without floating, drifting or tipping.

SCI Cat. # Weight Diameter Fits Beaker Size Price Per Flask Holder  
BB914A 165 Grams 60 mm 100 ml $87.00 Add to Cart
BB914B 237 Grams 80 mm 250 ml $93.00 Add to Cart



These flask stands sit firmly on a flat surface. Available in six sizes. They are packaged three stands per pack except for the assortment package, which contains three of the 10, 25, 50 and 100ml sizes.

SCI Cat. # Fits Flask Size Pack Quantity Price Per Pack
BB916A 10 ml 3 Support $18.35 Add to Cart
BB916B 25 ml 3 Support $18.35 Add to Cart
BB916C 50 ml 3 Support $18.35 Add to Cart
BB916D 100 ml 3 Support $21.00 Add to Cart
BB916E 250 ml 3 Support $24.75 Add to Cart
BB916F 500 ml 3 Support $25.65 Add to Cart
BB916G Assortment 12 Supports $84.10 Add to Cart



These autoclavable ribbed stand supports, support round bottom flasks up to ten liters. They can be stacked to save space or add height.

SCI Cat. # Description Size Pack Quantity Price Per Pack  
240025 Flask Stands 6-3/4″ x 2″ 5 Stands $98.00 Add to Cart