A laboratory is not complete without test tube racks since they are the tools to hold test tubes, an item that is also present in most, if not all laboratories. However, there are certain kinds of laboratories that need to use autoclave as a means to sterilize their tools and equipment. In situations like these, an ordinary test tube rack will not do. What you need is an autoclavable test tube rack. This article is going to focus on the subject of autoclavable test tube racks.


Autoclavable test tube racks works similarly to an ordinary test tube racks with the exception of being autoclavable. The main reason to autoclave your test tube rack is to sterilize it. Sterilizing the racks eliminates the change of bacterial contamination. Keep in mind that an autoclave will expose the racks to high temperatures. That is why autoclavable test tube racks are made from special materials, to withstand such conditions. There are a lot of manufacturers that design and create these kinds of racks; therefore it is best that you do your research before purchasing. Most of the plastic and acrylic racks cannot be autoclaved, so look for a polypropylene rack or a rack constructed of metal.


Autoclavable test tube racks are designed to hold multiple test tubes at once. With your test tube rested nicely on an autoclavable test tube racks, you can expose the test tubes to a wider range of conditions because the materials used in these kinds racks are designed to withstand the extreme conditions your tubes will see.


Additional Things That You Need To Know

Some racks will withstand water baths. These racks need to be heavy to avoid floating and flipping. Most of these racks are manufactured out of metal and therefore can withstand autoclave temperatures.

Autoclavable test tube racks are easy to use and some are storage-friendly. When the time comes that you need them, you can quickly and easily assemble them and when you are done using them you can easily wash them and fold them flat for easy storage. Furthermore, being flat will save you a lot of storage space.

Some racks have interlocking feet and are autoclavable with interlocking feet. With this feature, you can easily stack these racks on top of each other tightly and safely.